Simulation: Shooting Free Throws

This summer I took an excellent class at UNL about using Geogebra. The final project required us to construct something useful for our classroom. I initially set out to make a free throw simulator that would capture results to a spreadsheet for presenting simulations in AP Statistics. As I worked on this Geogebra sheet, I became fascinated with making an animation for both a made free throw (easy) and a missed free throw (not as easy).


Exhibit A: Screenshot of the free throw. I am six feet tall. The scale is in inches.

Free_Throw_ParabolasExhibit B: Screenshot of the quadratic functions governing the missed free throw shot. The ball traveling from right to left is actually a reflection of a hidden ball.

There are several copies of the basketball that appear at various times. I learned a great deal through trial and error on this project.

Here is the Geogebra sheet for you to download and use. If you make improvements to the Geogebra file, please let me know.

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