Chomp the Graph

NATM 2013 (the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference) had some great presentations and provided great resources for math teachers at all levels.

logo-neOne of the best presentations I saw was given by Kathy Niedbalski on Sunday night before many of the participants showed up. The Youtube video below gives the content of Kathy's talk.


I could not resist the urge to give this activity to my MTPS students immediately. The students played games independently for 15-20 minutes, then insisted on trying to 'hack' the game (student speak for finding the optimal strategy). This activity was a GREAT way to introduce graph theory to the students.


Exhibit A: Students posing with their thoughts on the board.

The greatest value my class found in this game was the introduction to breaking a complex problem into smaller solvable problems. The computational thinking strategies the students demonstrated actually seemed to be straight out of a computer programming class. I am excited to see what comes out of our typed summaries in the coming days.


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