Greater Nebraska Math Teachers Circle, 10-7-13


Seeing mathematics in the world around you is a trainable skill.
This presentation will focus on participants rather than the instructor. I am simply sharing the tremendous ideas of others and how I use them to improve my own teaching.


My Rough Guidelines for Incorporating Digital Media

  1. Encounter an interesting image or video.
  2. Formulate questions associated with the image or video.
  3. Reflect on your own practice. Which questions are worth student investigation?
  4. Structure tasks with you, the instructor, as facilitator. You should fade into the background. Students should be doing the thinking and the doing.
  5. Determine where in the curriculum the activity fits and align it to standards.
  6. Determine how you will craft assessment tasks associated with the activity.


Good Places to Start

Math Class Needs a Makeover
Watch Dan Meyer's talk. Mr. Meyer points out some glaring issues math teachers face in classrooms and provides a rationale for incorporating digital media in the classroom.







101 Questions
Create an account on this site. Start formulating questions for images and videos. If you do not find an image or video interesting, skip it and go on. If you find an image or video interesting, be sure to use the links in the top right to find the URL or to download (pictured above).

Deconstructing a Lesson Activity, Part 1
Deconstructing a Lesson Activity, Part 2
Read Fawn Nguyen's post on organizing classroom activities. She provides great practical tips to follow when structuring classroom activities.

3-Act Lessons
Dan Meyer's Google Doc on 3-Act Lessons. This is a powerful place to start. A great example of a low threshold high ceiling task is the Sunglasses Problem.



If you are not yet on Twitter, you are missing out on a powerful tool for streamlining professional development.



Share your effective practices and ideas with others. Sam Shah has two great posts on the matter. If you are looking for blogs to follow, Sam has a great list to get you started in his Blog Roll if you scroll down a bit.

If you do want more information on how to start a blog, now is a great time. Check out the Explore MTBoS page.


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