Home Depot Garden Club Photo

I took this photo while shopping with my wife. Students in my MTPS class worked on mathematical investigations related to information from the photo. I will post more about the students' work as it develops. The activity ran like this:

4 minutes: Present the image to students. Formulate as many questions as you can as an individual. What does this photo make you wonder?

5 minutes: Partner up. Write down questions and observations you each had in common.

7 minutes: Groups of 3 to 4. Decide on 3 questions the group will use as a basis for mathematical investigation.

20 minutes: Limited resources (peers, textbooks, pencil, graph paper, ruler) Come up with a plan for how you will address these questions mathematically. How will you maximize on your time in the computer lab?

THEN we go to the computer lab.

My primary point of emphasis with this image is to investigate the temperature conversion. There's something going on there. I will post student work examples before Monday 9/30. Feel free to leave comments or questions.


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