2013 Class B Playoff Sheet Version 3.0

This time, the error was not mine.

A user on Huskerland Preps Message Board found an error in the win/loss source data. The sheet I downloaded from NSAA Saturday morning had a typographical error. The incorrect source data indicated Gretna lost to Elkhorn in Week 8. This is untrue. Gretna is undefeated going into Week 9.

While it is frustrating to me the sheet has had errors, the macros will allow future users to simply download the NSAA source sheet and use this master spreadsheet for years to come, provided Class B continues to have 32 teams and the NSAA continues to use the exact same rows, columns, and format for data entry.

Below is a link to the 3rd version of this spreadsheet. This one appears to be 'right.' The new sheet also has improved functionality in that we added a macro to take care of the Power Point sorting function: instead of manually sorting, simply press CTRL + Shift + Q and the sheet will take care of the rest.

The user must still:
- update C1 and out of state data (available after Thursday night on NSAA)  - choose district champions
- break ties in the Power Point averages

Thanks for your understanding and patience. Please notify me of any necessary revisions. Good luck to all the Class B football teams in their week 9 contests.


Link to video giving instructions on how to use the Class B sheet

2013 Class B Playoff Seed Projection Version 3

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