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Below, sorted roughly by topic, are some posts I think exemplify the work my students and I do together at school. Enjoy.

Problem Solving
Oil Storage Problem
Broken Pipe Problem Part 1
Broken Pipe Problem Part 2
Home Depot Garden Club Photo

Procedural Understanding in Mathematics
Blue Cows & the Domain of a Function

Classroom Seating Problem
Student Work Published in UNL Math Newsletter
Nested Cylinders and Water Problem

Probability & Statistics
Rabid Skunks: Type I and Type II Error

Why Multiple Representations are Essential
Implicit Differentiation

Discrete Mathematics
Mailbox Problem Part 1
Mailbox Problem Part 2
Mailbox Problem Part 3
Pharmacy, Coumadin Dosage, and Counting Theory

For Mathematics Teachers
Common Fractions, Number Lines, and Geogebra
Does the Size of a Fraction Bar Matter?
Piecewise Functions in Desmos and Geogebra
Cheating and Calculators
Final Exams: You Be the Judge!
Combining Like Terms and Teaching Factoring
Sequences on the TI-84 Calculator
Sorting Lists in Geogebra



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